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I am passionate about sharing trading methodologies and learning the inner workings of our brains. I am no expert by any means, however I have learned a lot working as a full time trader for the last 7 years. Please be open and comment below if you have something to contribute or even to differ to my opinions.

You Won’t Survive Unless You Trade Like A Predator

Before we can get to discussing the main topic, I would like to give you a brief psychological background of the 'prey' mentality and the reasons why it dominates the mentality of new traders. The single biggest reason new traders lose money with trading is because they spend too much time executing good and bad trades [...]

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Why Do We Trade And Where’s The Real Opportunity?

Have you asked yourself why you trade? You need to make money? Or are you curious to learn about the dynamics of the trading world? Whatever answer or reasoning you have may not be good enough if you didn't know why people trade, and how it actually works. The reason I say this is because [...]

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