Tips for Day Trading

This blog is dedicated to providing plain honest advice about day trading with a slight focus on the psychological aspects of trading. I personally feel there isn’t enough focus these days about psychology as mainstream trading programmes are more focussed attracting business with shiny marketing plans.

I also feel there is a great need for sharing the real cost of trading which is often neglected or completely ignored by trading businesses as it serves no purpose for them to highlight any negatives that may keep new traders from joining their programme. This also paints a very negative picture of the industry as a whole – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Trading can be a great skill to learn and there are some amazing rewards one can reap from this great profession.

Although money seems to be the ultimate goal of trading – I personally think making money is important and just as important is to learn the psychology of trading and keep our emotions in check, when done correctly we can have a balanced life financially and whilst paying a fair emotional price for it.